Maximizing grant funding for your STEM initiatives

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STEM jobs are growing and profitable, with STEM workers tending to outearn other fields by around 26%. However, investing in STEM technology and other resources is often unfeasible for district budgets. Luckily, the value of STEM learning and technologies in schools is recognized by federal, state, and private grantmakers alike; meaning the dollars are out there if you know where to look. Utilise this guide to sort through the overwhelming beginning of grant searches. Identify and nail the perfect application for the grant that best fits your needs, securing funding for incredibly valuable STEM technology and programs that will benefit all of your students.

The Value of Certification

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Recent graduates, of both high school and college, are chock full of knowledge and ideas. In order for them to have the greatest impact on their own lives and the lives of others, they first need to stand out from the pack and effectively communicate their insights with others. That is what Microsoft Imagine Academy can provide: opportunity for students to earn valuable and relevant certifications that boost resumes and applications, and the know-how to proficiently and clearly communicate with their peers. At Bitnet Solutions Ltd, we believe that no matter where someone chooses to take their talents, we can help them get there.

Enabling Analytics for Improvement ‒ Lessons from Year 2 of Fresno’s Personalized Learning Initiative

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How to do you keep the momentum rolling for initiatives? First, you need to understand your current success: what's working and where can we improve? Second, you need to communicate that success to parents, teachers, principals, and anyone one else with a stake in student progress. Fresno Unified's Personalized Learning Initiative, in partnership with #Microsoft, Digital Promise, and Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, integrated learning analytics to do just that. In this year 2 report, the results speak for themselves: The initiative is accomplishing its goals of closing achievement gaps and preparing students for "as yet imagined futures." Let's keep this momentum going to improve the lives of all students!

Customer Story: Fresno Unified School District

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Fifth-grader Ryan Fernandez's engagement in the classroom changed when his teacher brought #Office365 and Microsoft Teams into his classroom. These tools enabled Ryan to leverage and focus his energy, spend more time helping other students, and actively direct his own learning. Ryan is a shining example of the ways in which technology can reach every student and be customized to meet their individual needs. Here at Bitnet Solutions Ltd, we are interested in using technology to give educators the resources to help each and every student succeed.

The class of 2030 and life-ready learning: The technology imperative

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Could augmented reality become the future of our classrooms? New immersive technology encourages students to creatively build and problem solve. These tools keep students engaged in the learning process and help develop vital soft skills employers will always need. It is critical to put the right wheels in motion now in our classrooms to prepare students for this new world as early as possible. At Bitnet Solutions Ltd, we don't believe in using yesterday's classroom to prepare tomorrow's graduates. Contact us to learn more about taking advantage of exciting new technologies to transform student engagement.

Preparing the class of 2030

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Estimates say that automation could replace up to 50% of existing jobs by 2030, as our current kindergartners reach graduation. The new jobs available will require stronger critical thinking, creativity, and social-emotional skills. Personalized education is key to developing these abilities. Technology can give students the opportunity to take control of their own learning journey and puts the teacher in a position to become a valuable coach in this process rather than a director. We at Bitnet Solutions Ltd are excited about the transformative power of technology in the classroom. Contact us to learn more.

Microsoft Education: A Complete Solution

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What might a school's wish list be when looking into integrating technology in their classrooms? A system that's easy for IT, teachers, and students to use? Check. Intune for Education makes it simple for IT to manage devices and software from a central location while still giving teachers control. Additionally, students can use their devices worry free, protected by the advanced security of Windows 10. Something that enhances the learning experience for their students? Yep. Tools such as Windows Ink help foster creativity and boost retention, while apps in Office 365 have been specially designed to be accessible to a range of student abilities and sync with additional learning tools.

How to fight back if you’ve been hacked

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A recent survey by the better business bureau revealed that over 23% of small businesses have experienced a cyberattack. Small businesses are often targeted because they are not prepared in the same ways as larger corporations to deal with these issues and hackers know this. Use this infographic to arm yourself with information on what techniques are used at each stage of a cyberattack and how to protect yourself at each one. At Bitnet Solutions Ltd, we believe that no business is too small to take security seriously. Contact us to learn more about how Microsoft 365 can help protect you.

How to grant and restrict access to data

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Is your customers' data working hard enough? It's full of valuable insights, if you know how to unlock them. That's where #Office365 comes in. It features Power BI, a suite of business-analytics tools that deliver insights throughout your customers' organizations. Using Power BI, they can connect to hundreds of data sources, simplify data prep, and drive ad hoc analysis. Power BI even sends them alerts when data changes and lets users drill down for more details. Give your customers a winning edge by helping them squeeze more meaning out of their data.

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