Andrew reads for the first time with Microsoft Learning tools

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Every child deserves the opportunity to learn. But with learning impairments like dyslexia, skills like reading and writing can turn into a nightmare. Luckily, #MicrosoftLearningtools are here to help. Check out this video to see how kids like Andrew are proving that with the right support, nothing is impossible. At Bitnet Solutions Ltd, we can help your students tackle challenges in the classroom and beyond. Contact us to learn more.

Empower students with assistive tech solutions from Microsoft and its partner ecosystem

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Today's schools need a dependable set of modern educational tools designed to save time for teachers and improve student outcomes. With a variety of assistive technologies built into Microsoft 365, schools can help students make strides in all areas of study. Learning tools like Immersive Reader help students increase reading speed and comprehension. OneNote, included in Office 365, provides an easy-to-use toolset that helps students succeed in math classes. What solutions are waiting for you? Contact us to learn more.

Customer Story: Tucson Unified School District

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When students struggle with learning disabilities in a traditional classroom, it's easy for them to feel left behind. Microsoft education tools make it possible for students to create a unique classroom experience by providing customizable learning tools that allow students to learn at their own pace and in the way that best benefits them. This technology enables teachers to collaborate with each other and to create interactive learning experiences that challenge and excite their students. Check out this video to learn more about how Microsoft Education technology is changing the way teachers connect with their students.

Weathering the Aftermath of Hurricane Irma with Skype for Business

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Every business wants to be there for their customers. And Bitnet Solutions Ltd has the solutions to help. See how Kelly Roofing in Florida used Skype for Business to successfully field 26,000 calls the week after Hurricane Irma and ramp up new employees to meet their community's needs. Contact us to find out how Microsoft Office 365 can help you bring your teams together and best serve your customers.

Advanced Threat Protection in Office 365

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With a changing user base and an ever-shifting threat landscape, our higher education institutions are particularly vulnerable to attack, especially on the email battlefront. Microsoft Advanced Threat Protection can act as an extension of your own security team. With a system that is actively monitoring over 6.5 trillion signals per day, this team member has a wide breadth of knowledge about the latest phishing and other email attacks. Your IT department is not alone. At Bitnet Solutions Ltd, we want to help you connect with the rest of your team.

Early look at Microsoft Threat Protection

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36% of universities are hit by a cyberattack every hour, and these attacks are constantly growing and shifting in complexity. It is very difficult for a university to always stay on top of the latest attack strategies. With Microsoft Threat Protection, you can add over 3,500 security experts and AI resources to your IT team. These experts are constantly monitoring and responding to threats in real time, so your valuable intellectual and student data will never be left unprotected. Interested in how these features can apply to your institution? Check out this video and contact us to learn more.

Customer Story: Garfield Prep Academy provides engaging, personalized education with powerful classroom tools

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Picture the ideal learning environment. When Garfield Prep teacher Marlyne Graves pictures this, she sees each of her students tackling the same task while being uniquely challenged and supported. This is exactly the type of classroom she was able to create through the use of technology like OneNote Classroom Notebook. This offered efficiency and access to learning tools that opened doors for each of her students to maximize their engagement and learning. At Bitnet Solutions Ltd, we want to celebrate and support individuality, and this includes providing the resources to personalize learning.

Customer Story: New South Wales – Scaling STEM education in one of the world’s largest school jurisdictions

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The STEM job market in Australia is both highly paid and highly stable, and yet experiencing a lower-than-average growth in qualified workers. Meanwhile, high school students are disengaged with material, including core subjects like math, for which they don't see any real-world applicability. The enormous school district of New South Wales is tackling both of these issues in a single solution--by bringing highly applicable STEM curriculums into their classrooms through technology. Students are deeply engaged with the material, and graduate with the skills needed in the future job market. Curious about what real-world material technology can bring to your classroom? Contact us to learn more.

Preparing the class of 2030

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Social and emotional skills are far more predictive of a student's achievement than home environment or demographics. That's because employers are looking for people who are able to think on their feet and build strong relationships. Technology has the incredible potential to level the playing field and make these important skill developments accessible to all students, by giving teachers the ability to combine emotional and cognitive skills with academic learning. At Bitnet Solutions Ltd, we want to help your school use technology to arm all student with the skills they'll need in the workplace.

Customer Story: School gets future ready with Windows 10 devices, Office 365, and STEM curriculum

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No one person can be an expert on everything, and this applies to teachers as well. When it comes to STEM areas where many are unfamiliar, technology can give them access to tools and other educators who can help them confidently expand their STEM curriculums. Similarly, students can't be expected to resonate with every subject taught. More STEM in the classroom offers exposure to a wider variety of subjects and activities, increasing the likelihood that students find a subject they're passionate about. At Bitnet Solutions Ltd, we want to help your teachers bring exciting new content into their classrooms.

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