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Customer Story: Calgary Board of Education

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At Vincent Massey School, teachers are trying to provide the spark that takes a student from passive to active learner, and they're doing it with technology. With tech, teachers can give students a more personalized experience and offer more ways to explore the curriculum. In the past, teachers needed multiple devices to teach effectively. Now, with solutions like Windows 10 and Office 365, teachers can get more done on one platform. At Bitnet Solutions Ltd, we want your teachers to have the tools that bring their classrooms to the modern digital age. Contact us today to learn more on how we can help.

Andrew reads for the first time with Microsoft Learning tools

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Every child deserves the opportunity to learn. But with learning impairments like dyslexia, skills like reading and writing can turn into a nightmare. Luckily, #MicrosoftLearningtools are here to help. Check out this video to see how kids like Andrew are proving that with the right support, nothing is impossible. At Bitnet Solutions Ltd, we can help your students tackle challenges in the classroom and beyond. Contact us to learn more.

Empower students with assistive tech solutions from Microsoft and its partner ecosystem

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Today's schools need a dependable set of modern educational tools designed to save time for teachers and improve student outcomes. With a variety of assistive technologies built into Microsoft 365, schools can help students make strides in all areas of study. Learning tools like Immersive Reader help students increase reading speed and comprehension. OneNote, included in Office 365, provides an easy-to-use toolset that helps students succeed in math classes. What solutions are waiting for you? Contact us to learn more.

Customer Story: Tucson Unified School District

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When students struggle with learning disabilities in a traditional classroom, it's easy for them to feel left behind. Microsoft education tools make it possible for students to create a unique classroom experience by providing customizable learning tools that allow students to learn at their own pace and in the way that best benefits them. This technology enables teachers to collaborate with each other and to create interactive learning experiences that challenge and excite their students. Check out this video to learn more about how Microsoft Education technology is changing the way teachers connect with their students.