Security Solution Overview

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With #Microsoft #AdvancedThreatProtection, #AzureSecurity, and #AzureSentinel you can reduce the number of security vendors you manage and safeguard your organization, without sacrificing productivity. Together they form a complete, intelligent solution that helps secure corporate data and protect against bad actors, while taking advantage of the transformative opportunities presented by cloud computing. Watch the video to learn more.

How Senegal and Microsoft have worked to expand educational opportunity

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Thinking ahead and preparing for possible changes are traits of successful organizations. Four years ago, Senegal's Ministry of Education partnered with Microsoft Education to address its existing needs and also think about the future. When COVID-19 required a major shift in teaching and learning, Senegal was ready. Access this customer story for insight into how strategic partnerships often pay off. Connect with Bitnet Solutions Ltd for remote and hybrid learning support.

25 Latest Teams Updates in time for Back to School

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We have learned a lot since schooling was abruptly changed in the spring of 2020. Considering input from educators, students, and parents, #Microsoft updated over 25 of its #Teams features in order to support remote and hybrid learning this year. Check out this blog and connect with Bitnet Solutions Ltd to learn more about Microsoft Education.

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