25 Latest Teams Updates in time for Back to School

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We have learned a lot since schooling was abruptly changed in the spring of 2020. Considering input from educators, students, and parents, #Microsoft updated over 25 of its #Teams features in order to support remote and hybrid learning this year. Check out this blog and connect with Bitnet Solutions Ltd to learn more about Microsoft Education.

Education reimagined with new pedagogies

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How do we take the insight from emergency remote learning and end up with a better future for education systems? These global experts have some ideas. Listen to this webinar with Michael Fullan and Joanne Quinn from New Pedagogies for Deep Learning as they discuss with #Microsoft Education VP Barbara Holzapfel on the future of teaching and learning. Contact Bitnet Solutions Ltd for more resources and to get started.

Leadership and policy guide for system leaders

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The global pandemic required education systems to implement new technologies to support remote and hybrid learning. How will we ensure these improvements will be incorporated and utilised to support transitions back to school and to improve education moving forward? Read this document for practical guidance and contact Bitnet Solutions Ltd to get started.

Modern teaching and learning

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What is your education system's digital readiness to support modern teaching? What connectivity stage are you currently in, and how do you progress to ensure success for every student? It can seem daunting but check out this guide that details strategies for the three stages of remote learning. Contact Bitnet Solutions Ltd to get started.

Back to school update with Puyallup SD

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Looking for best practices when it comes to creating a more inclusive, equitable, and flexible learning environment? See how one school district teamed with Microsoft Education to succeed whether learning is remote or in person. Read this blog and contact Bitnet Solutions Ltd to learn how we can help.

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