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Office 365

What if you could run your business anywhere?

Enjoy familiar Microsoft Office tools at your fingertips on almost any device with Office 365! Word, Excel and PowerPoint have been designed for use online, on your laptop, PC, smartphone, iPad.

Choose Office 365 from BitNet Solutions and unlock the full spectrum of features on tablet and mobile devices. We will connect your domain name to your package for you as part of our FREE Supported Setup, giving you a hassle-free start and a professional email presence.

Private Cloud

Private cloud allows organisations of all sizes to take full advantage of enterprise level features provided by hosting business critical services on the secure and easy to use Windows Azure platform. We work closely with Microsoft to ensure you make the correct choices to get best value for your investment. Private cloud can benefit your business by providing high availability, quick setup, scaleable solutions, flexible disk storage, full admin access, backup and disaster recovery and free technical support.

With our hassle-free migration to the ‘Cloud’, we’ll help you take advantage of the numerous benefits that increase your efficiency and productivity.

Microsoft Remote Desktop Service

We deliver desktops and applications to users on a variety of devices which prolong the useful life of existing computers. Businesses can centralise and control access to applications and data using virtual desktops giving users the flexibility to continue working on a device of their choice.

Session Host: Easy remote access to Applications and File Storage on BYODs for example, with Microsoft Remote Desktop application which is available for all popular platforms (Windows, Android, iOS).

VDI: Pooled and Personal Virtual Machines.

Remote Desktop Services gives users the flexibility to work anywhere whilst retaining the ‘look and feel’ of their corporate Windows desktop and/or application.

How can  BitNet Solutions help?

One of the best ways to ensure a successful migration to Office 365 is to find the right partner and select the most appropriate tools to help facilitate the transition. BitNet has a network of experts and partners who have delivered an extensive number of migration and consolidation projects, as well an end-to-end portfolio of solutions that will simplify your Active Directory consolidation and Office 365 migration.

BitNet solutions help you efficiently secure and manage your It systems into the future. With many years of Microsoft platform migration experience, we have developed a proven methodology to ensure successful migrations. It is built on four key pillars:

» Prepare — Mitigate migration risks with detailed pre-migration assessments that analyse the current state of your environment. You’ll have the details you need about what should be moved and what shouldn’t, ensuring a successful, worry-free migration with no surprises. You can also consolidate or restructure your Active Directory environment before the migration to properly prepare for Office 365.

» Migrate — Mitigate the risk of data loss and minimise the impact on both users and IT with a Zero IMPACT migration.

» Coexist —Maintain business productivity with seamless coexistence between end users on legacy on premise environments and Office 365 or hybrid environments.

» Manage — Stay in control of your new messaging and collaboration environment with security, compliance auditing, reporting

» Bespoke Sharepoint Applications – develop customised applications and solutions with Sharepoint online to automate your business processes in order to improve or increase overall productivity