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How can schools stop firefighting and adopt a more strategic view of student behaviour? Our technology can analyse classroom trends, help staff spot and understand hot spots and do something to improve pupil behaviour in schools.

EDART uses cutting edge cloud technology to drive the strategic leadership of student behaviour. It enables schools to record information about attainment, behaviour and attendance. This empowers teachers to identify trends quickly and easily and intervene where necessary to improve results.

e-DART came into existence because an SEN residential school wanted to transform the way they recorded ‘Care’ information about pupils. They were using paper-based forms where information about all pupil activities ranging from Incident Records to pupil behaviour and attainment etc, would be recorded. Their Token Economy system data was particularly interesting as it reflected pupil attainment both in and out of the classroom.

To understand the features and functionality of e-DART, it is necessary to first examine and understand the origins of why it was developed.

The schools’ Senior Leadership Team realised that this method of recording information was no longer a sufficient means of recording, accessing and analysing critical information. More importantly, they were unable to quickly and easily analyse and report the data rich information they captured to see trends and identify potential areas of intervention.

As a result, the school engaged with us to firstly digitise their system and then look at ways of analysing the recorded information. The result was careful gathering of information about the requirements and then six months of coding to produce e-DART. The school has continued to work with us to improve and evolve e-DART and they rely on it on a daily basis.