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Microsoft 365 is changing the modern workplace

BitNet Solutions | Microsoft 365 is changing the modern workplace

Microsoft 365 is changing the modern workplace

We are all juggling the fast pace of working life and the need to rethink everything we do is a constant challenge. Within your workforce the generation gap is increasing and so with different ideas about how work gets done and different levels of comfort and expectations around technology, keeping yourself up to date is a must.

Microsoft 365, brings together Office 365, Windows 10, and Enterprise Security + Mobility, can help secure business data and enable people to come together in a secure way and get the best results from each other to drive business forward.

When thinking about the generational shift in the workplace and how to create a connected environment Microsoft found that teamwork is key. Effective teams bring together groups of people, no matter their generation, function, or location, to address problems and opportunities with a shared sense of accountability to complete the task in front of them. That’s why they built Microsoft Teams in Microsoft 365: to help create a digital hub for teamwork where everyone can easily share or access information they need and focus on a common goal. Powerful features like threaded persistent chats and access to recorded meetings can help create an ongoing dialog and enable people to learn from each other and get caught up quickly.

A truly modern workplace can empower everyone in your business to turn ideas into action.

Ever changing customer expectations and needs means the best businesses innovate quickly and are constantly on the lookout to find new ways to increase productivity. The ever-growing cyber security threats remind us we must remain vigilant in protecting our employees and customer data and in maintaining regulatory and industry GDPR compliance. Thoughts need to be given to how we embrace these modern workplace trends to help our business growth?

Because security treats to our data is a major concern for business, Microsoft have built security into all layers of Microsoft 365, powered by the Microsoft Intelligent Security Graph, to help you detect threats and protect your people, data, and devices without disrupting employee productivity. And on top of security, we all worry about how best to maintain compliance and data privacy, because not doing so can stop any business in its tracks. Microsoft works closely with regulators and customers to ensure that their services are compliant with global, regional, and industry regulations. Microsoft 365 provides advanced compliance functionality to help adhere to these regulations, including General Data Protection Regulation, also known as GDPR.

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