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New Office 365 apps transform assessment at Wells Park School

BitNet Solutions | New Office 365 apps transform assessment at Wells Park School

New Office 365 apps transform assessment at Wells Park School

BitNet Solutions, the school IT experts, have worked in collaboration with teachers, the SMT at Wells Park School and a senior Education Psychologist to produce two fully customisable Office 365 applications for Assessment and Core Strengths. Teachers can seamlessly record and see real-time reports on pupil progress, attainment and help children capitalise on their individual strengths. The real positive of the apps and the reports they produce, is that they are very easy to use yet give rich insights and analysis about a student’s performance, which include KPIs set by the school

Mathew Surman, Headteacher at Wells Park School is delighted with the results. “At Wells Park School we have been employing the services of Bitnet solutions for some 4 years. In that time the system of tracking, monitoring and analysis has evolved into what is now called e-DART (Educational Data Analysis and Reporting Tool). Powered by Office 365, e-DART provides a cloud based, secure platform from which we, as a school, can safely collect valuable data on all aspects of our pupils’ lives whilst under our care.”

Ashraf Kala, MD at BitNets, explains the overriding objectives behind eDART. “e-DART is based on a simple, yet very powerful principle of ‘transforming data into information, information into knowledge, knowledge into decisions and decisions into actions”. The apps are cloud based and hosted on Microsoft Office 365, making it a hub to access all resources, such as email, from a single console. Staff at the school save time and increase their productivity because they have a single sign on to access all the vital information. E-DART utilises the latest tools available on the platform to give the best in class performance.

For the staff and managers at the school, the ease of use of this data rich system makes a huge difference to their everyday workload. “The user-friendly interface quickly and intuitively captures information ranging from medical history to the emotional development of a child, measured against the six core strengths” says Matthew Surman, “e-DART has enabled us to centralise data, analyse and interrogate it quickly, and it helps us provide tailored interventions to best meet the needs of our individual pupils.”

This advanced IT system was an area that OFSTED inspectors took great interest in during their last visit to this outstanding school. Assessment and tracking data collected through e-DART is converted into a variety or reports which saves time and allows information to be shared quickly and efficiently across the school. At any given time, information on individuals or groups can be accessed with e-DART, reliably providing simple and concise reports tailored to the needs of our school. “e-DART provides a simple solution to the recording, organising and reporting of data that is then analysed effectively, saving time and enabling us to achieve the best possible outcomes for our pupils “says Matthew.

To find out how BitNet can help your school save time, money and have an assessment system that really delivers what you need,  email Ashraf Kala info@bitnets.co.uk, call him on 0121 318 7900 or contact us