Educators are demanding better digital services

//Educators are demanding better digital services

Educators are demanding better digital services, so the challenge now at BitNet Solutions is to meet this demand with our bespoke solutions and support.

If you were to walk into a classroom today, how many differences would you be able to spot from when you were in school? The biggest difference has to be technology; from audio visuals to tablets and laptops. Technology has changed the way teachers teach and the way our children learn, education has embraced the advancement of technology and with our help and support the schools we work with have tried to work with it rather than against it.

With the use of technology in the classroom on the rise, we think it is essential that teachers and schools keep up to ensure their pupils are receiving the most up-to-date education. Ensuring students of today can be successful in the world of work. Understanding technology is vital for tomorrow’s workforce as companies and industries begin adopting the use of new and innovative process.

Making classrooms inviting for every student, is a time-consuming challenge. Recent research suggests that 73% of classrooms have students with reading levels spanning across a number of levels, while 72% have special education students, along with students who have temporary and permanent disabilities. Inclusive technology cannot be a mission for the few, but a goal for all.

Therefore, making sure students are prepared for the future lies with schools and parents, BitNet will ensure your school has the right resources. Whether it’s a student controlling a screen with their eyes, or creating a document with their voice, there’s an inclusive form of learning possible for every student. The Microsoft Education resources can help you save time as you make your classroom inclusive for all.

If your school or business is struggling to modernise your IT systems and processes, help is at hand from BitNets. Call us for a confidential discussion on 0121 318 7900 .

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