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ADAPT - Admin Data Automation and Processing Tool

Admin Data Automation and Processing Tool

ADAPT gives a holistic solution for schools and Academies to automate repetitive back-office tasks that are critical to running schools and Trusts. Repetitive and time consuming tasks can be prone to errors, ADAPT simplifies the processes involved by automating them and thereby, mitigate errors and improve staff productivity.

Below are just some of the applications and forms currently available on ADAPT. The bespoke nature of ADAPT means it can be ‘adapted’ to include other applications schools want to automate:

1. Data Protection – report and manage data breaches etc easily with elevated access for managers and senior staff.
2. Health & Safety – report and manage ALL health and safety incidents in your school or across the Trust.
3. Appraisals – to streamline your appraisal process, ADAPT provides a well thought process which eliminates paperwork, reminders and multiple copies of the appraisal for ALL staff in your school or Trust.
4. Accounts (expenses, petty cash claims etc) – move away from multiple copies of spreadsheets and forms to a single hub to claim expenses, petty cash claims and much more.