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Hospital schools and hospital education services is a small sector that is nationally recognised, with its own association and schools / services across the country. Hospital education leaders struggle with MIS solutions which do not always fit the needs of the schools. Some have gone bespoke, and others have tried to use features from existing packages, with the inevitable frustrations that can come from needing to compromise how the schools work with their data. Hospital schools, have quite specific needs. School Leaders in this sector find it quite difficult finding a company that can create a bespoke solution for them. And that is where Bitnets come in.

We have developed R3flect which contains all of the advanced analysis functionality that such schools require with their data. The biggest factor for hospital school leaders is the advanced data analysis that R3flect can offer them. Currently, a lot of this analysis is done manually in Excel. R3flect will save a lot of time whilst engaging staff more productively in progress data.  Ultimately it will help the staff to focus on the quality of teaching and learning, safe in the knowledge that the progress data can be checked at any time to facilitate better curriculum planning and interventions accordingly.

Features of R3flect include

Pupil Data Management

Attendance Management

Assessment Analysis

Learning Records

Automated Reports




and many more…