The COVID-19 virus has quickly altered the daily routines of people around the globe. Though we’re experiencing unfamiliar times, we’ve witnessed neighbours helping each other, organisations making difficult but prudent decisions, and communities growing stronger in their response and preparation efforts.

We know the uncertainty that surrounds schools and the safety of staff and students is of utmost concern. The need for immediate assistance is urgent and we want to help. Bitnets, as a Microsoft partner continue to develop remote learning solutions using free tools available in Office 365 and Teams to schools. Our focus is on how to connect teachers and students and also staff with each other, as more schools transition to remote learning. Infact, we worked hard at the beginning of the crisis to ensure business continuity plans were in place and ready for staff and pupils.

As Microsoft partners, we can help by providing students with continued access to educational materials so they can stay on track with grade level and national learning targets. We can support teachers and administrators with online classrooms, grading and communication systems, and meetings and professional development. Free tools are already in place for remote learning; now we must support schools to leverage them to their fullest and limit disruption in student learning.

We’re an innovative and dynamic company who take pride in our ability to deliver affordable and bespoke IT solutions for businesses and schools. Our IT services vary from providing proactive day to day support to designing and implementing complex network solutions such as cloud migration and servers. We work with you to support a long-term IT strategy which is fit for purpose and future proof. Our partners are some of the biggest names in the industry such as Dell, HP and we’re a Microsoft Approved Education Partner.

Our background as school IT managers means we are specialists in providing support for primary and secondary schools, both mainstream and those with special needs. We have developed systems (EDART) that provide help and support in real time for teachers and support staff by monitoring and improving pupil behaviour.

Our IT systems also support the everyday tasks for teachers and administrators.

Examples of some of the schools we work with:

  • Wells Park School, Chigwell, Essex.
  • Milestone School, Gloucester.
  • Chilwell Croft Academy, Aston, Birmingham.
  • Aston Manor Academy, Aston, Birmingham.

We are equally at home providing advice and support for small businesses and third sector organisations.

Our systems help you to be fully GDPR compliant.



We work with you to support a long-term IT strategy which is fit for purpose and future proof.

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(Educational Data Analaysis and Reporting Tool)

EDART is a cloud-based solution we have developed for schools. It uses cutting edge cloud technology to drive the strategic leadership of student behaviour. EDART is based on a simple, yet very powerful principle of ‘transforming data into information, information into knowledge, knowledge into decisions and decisions into actions.Click here to know more.


A modular, one-stop dashboard summarising
all information relating to a pupil - thus
integrating all key functions to guarantee
an accurate student record.


Utilise AI technology, to generate
automated assessment & progress reporting
dashboard to centralise, analyse and
interrogate individual pupil requirements data.


Efficient recording of SafeHold incidents
allow Senior Leadership Team to review
and monitor incidents, to enable quick
intervention of any identified concerns.


Assessment of each pupil’s Social and
behavioural learning using 6 Core
Strengths assessment, which focuses on
emotional and social aspects of learning.


Use EDART’s Token Economy System
to record and reward each pupil’s
(with SEMH - Social Emotional Mental
Health needs) behavioural
and social progress on a daily basis.


The Child Protection Management System is
designed to record and track critical information,
to allow staff to intervene in safeguarding matters.  

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Pulling all the pieces of information together has allowed us to successfully identify patterns of behaviour, for example difficulties on Monday and Friday morning, and take more immediate and effective action with pupils. Our new EDART system provides detailed evidence for external bodies such as Exclusion Panels, we never get questioned about our supporting data.
We loved working with Bitnets because we had access to a very knowledgeable, talented and experienced team but they were happy to work alongside our staff at the right pace for us and our school development.

Carol Mitchell, Strategic Director , Wells Park School, Chigwell, Essex

Bitnet Solutions personnel had done some work for us in the past which was quite successful. From that point onwards they were aware of our history & the impending need for us to change Servers/Operating platforms/ Systems as well as Email providers. During the length of our discussions it became clear we would have to migrate to Office 365, so Bitnet advised the Single Sign on facility and other key changes to the network management to improve productivity and mitigate outages. Being a school, our budget was very tight indeed so we had to take time to plan the best way forward & timing was crucial. Our first point of contact was Bitnet Solutions who helped us plan it in stages with work we could manage ourselves in preparation for the ‘Big Switchover’. Without Bitnets’ input, what they managed to complete in 4 days would have taken my team several weeks to complete. Bitnet were always very professional & easy to work with & invaluable in mapping out the schools needs for at least the next 5 years – which we didn’t have before. I’m certain we will be using Bitnet Solutions again.

The Network Manager, The Milestone School, Gloucester

In the last year and a half, as the ICT Network Manager at Chilwell Croft Academy, I have worked closely with Bitnet Solutions on quite a few occasions. On each of these key consultations and implementation stages, their understanding of our needs was extraordinary. Bitnet helped us implement our vision and ideas which complemented and fitted in with our ongoing projects and meant that the implementation was completed on time and without errors. With their expert knowledge and partnerships, Bitnet continue to provide us with invaluable advise on new and emerging technology in education so that we are able to make an informed choices, to benefit the school in the long run.

ICT Network Manager, Chilwell Croft Academy


Distance learning strategic plan

In times of global crisis, distance learning is a new reality to ensure students continue to learn safely. Microsoft and UNESCO's Global Education Coalition are working together to support all countries in all stages of distance learning deployment. Look at this guide for a technology blueprint on how to implement distance learning whether working with populations from full connectivity to low connectivity.

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Customer story: Jack’s Diving Locker

Did you know that technology is helping to protect and save our oceans? With #cloud security and communication tools, @JacksDiveLocker has exponentially increased their outreach and education efforts to keep our oceans healthy and thriving. Want to see how the latest #security tools can help grow your business? Contact our team at Bitnet Solutions Ltd to get started today!